Brian Aldiss – Greybeard

I've talked about Brian Aldiss and Dystopian fiction previously. Its a popular genre. Aldiss published Greybeard in 1964 (my copy is a 1965 American mass market paperback - the first paperback printing). He'd already had some success with Non-Stop and Hothouse, though his most well known work - the Heliconia Trilogy - was still some … Continue reading Brian Aldiss – Greybeard

Isaac Asimov – Second Foundation

The original trilogy concludes. The Second Foundation was published in 1953. It would be the last of the Foundation series to be published for nearly 30 years when he came back and wrote sequels and then prequels. (And, of course, the timeline exists within the same universe as his Galactic series and his Robot series.) … Continue reading Isaac Asimov – Second Foundation

Isaac Asimov – Foundation and Empire

After thoroughly enjoying Foundation, I dove into Foundation and Empire with some relish. Though it did not quite live up to the level I had hoped, it was still an enjoyable read. SUMMARY The biggest thing here is that Foundation and Empire is divided into two very different parts - The General and The Mule. … Continue reading Isaac Asimov – Foundation and Empire

Isaac Asimov – Foundation

  I feel overwhelmed coming to write about Foundation. Its such a seminal science fiction work. I'm not going to do it justice but who cares? Isaac Asimov published Foundation in 1951. It is based on some short stories that he had previously published. Some of those were tweaked and new material was written for … Continue reading Isaac Asimov – Foundation

Ray Bradbury – I Sing the Body Electric

Ray Bradbury Short Story Series I’ve discussed some of Bradbury’s longer works, but he is also well known for his short fiction. So I've been reading through some of his short stories in his collections Quicker Than The Eye (1996), The Illustrated Man (1951), and I Sing the Body Electric (1969). A lot of good … Continue reading Ray Bradbury – I Sing the Body Electric

Ray Bradbury – Marionettes, Inc

Ray Bradbury Short Story Series I’ve discussed some of Bradbury’s longer works but last year my brother gave me a more recent collection of his short stories called Quicker Than The Eye. It was published later than a lot of his other more well-known fiction. I've posted on a few of the short stories from it. … Continue reading Ray Bradbury – Marionettes, Inc